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The truth is gaining a cult following of ride-or-die readers is at your fingertips. 

So long are the days of counting on social media as your main sales driver. From one electric small business owner to another, you deserve a layered content marketing strategy that not only saves you time and feels like art, but makes your target audience’s heart pound out of their chests. 

As a creative copywriting studio (who receives 60%+ weekly newsletter open rates on average), we believe there is no better way to foster deeply fulfilling relationships with your community (and build your bank account) than by consistently sending a branded newsletter.

here’s the lady folk secret:

1. brand thy newsletter

If you want your newsletter to be something to belong to, you may want to consider giving it a rich identity of its own. A name and personality that can live wildly under your brand and feels more like a cool club rather than just another dusty somethin’ somethin’ to opt into.

2. treat your subscribers like blood

No one comes before family… not in the real world and surely not in business. Your newsletter subscribers should always be given shotgun on your brand adventures. Why? Because they are like your teary-eyed, proud AF mother cheering you on at the finish line (even though you downed one too many Lunchables before the race)! They have intentionally chosen to hear from you. AND they expect to! 

Act accordingly. Give them first priority on: new content, incentives, noteworthy news and your deepest darkest stories. Because when you ride at dawn, this is your crew.

3. save the stuffy tips & tell a story

Yeahh you could hit em’ with the hottest tips & tricks in the game… But, through trial and error, we have found that leading with poetic storytelling as a service provider correlates with higher engagement, responses & click-through rates.

Save your other marketing channels (ahemm blogging!) for heavy educational lifting. When you share a personal, lifestyle story and conclude with a lesson learned from your experience that relates to your work in the world, you’re not only making your brand human (and easy to relate to), BUT you’re showcasing your expertise and differentiating yourself within your industry.

4. bring your own lifestyle series

Your newsletter is the perfect place to share lifestyle related content and let your freaky interest flyyy. We recommend bringing your own personality-packed series to the table that not only further connects you with your people, BUT is fun to curate.

Ex. “Reads of the Season”, “In our Earbuds Lately”, “This Week for Girl Dinner”, “From Beige to Binge: Shit We’re Weirdly Into”, “Trails Worth Taking”, “Shoes That Make us Salivate”, etc.

List out 4-6 hobbies, passions and interests that make you who you are & brainstorm a laid-back, lighthearted section to include a few of them at the end of your newsletter (& have readers respond with recs).

5. consistency is key, folks

We often get asked how often brands should share newsletters with their email list. Although Lady Folk sends The Howdy most Sundays (& many professionals will tell you to publish weekly), we advise our clients to form their strategy around what they can feasibly commit to. Because consistency is key. 

Whether once a week or once a month, when you show up relentlessly at the same time your readers will meet you halfway.

throw the inbox party

It’s no secret we love a branded newsletter here at Lady Folk. Through trial and error with our client’s emails and our own, we have learned a lot about what makes a newsletter open worthy. 

But guess what? You don’t have to be a community driven copywriting studio to have a cult following in your inbox too. We hope these secrets help you transcend your mundane messages into artful narratives (& turn your emails from beige to binge)!

xx lady folk


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