Lady folk shop 

merch for electric women who give a damn 

Lady Folk is so much more than a copywriting and creative studio. It's a community. Somewhere where women who give a damn can: say it like they mean it, slow down, be inspired to tell the stories that made them, feed wild hunger, change their mind, make space for art, justify the shoe splurge, redefine poetry, and call shotgun on their most meaningful dreams. I hope that when you wear this collection you are inspired to use your voice and unearth the most electric version of yourself, pinkies up.

howdy folks,

i'm Chelsea Combe

a bolo barbie with the mouth
of an outlaw who fled the city to come back home & write in WYOMING. & I've found that breaking rules in wide-open spaces (with the right outfit) is a love language.

I'm a community composing, black cat raising, sauvignon blanc sipping, stars in her eyes kinda artist who had made a career out of romantically reflecting electric folks back to themselves through the written word. & I am a true representation of what can artfully conspire when all of our wandering pieces are given purpose.

reminder: we still hang pencil thieves out west

warning; we still hang pencil thieves out west 

i'm chelsea combe

want more lady folkness?

pew, pew!

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