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copywriting services + branding strategy for rule breakers and risk takers. 

If you're fed up with your content not matching up to the quality of your work (or you've rolled your eyes one too many times at a blank page), you've come to the right place. Whether you're simping over an electric brand voice that disrupts your industry or you are just fresh out of fuc*s and need help serenading your dream leads ASAP, I'm the lady for the job. 

the lady folk flow:


Discovery call: to come together and see if we're good to kick it (+ yes we can).


Proposal: within 48 hours, I'll send over the nitty gritty behind your custom investment. 


In-depth questionnaire/consultation call: to get to know the ins and outs of your brand.


Let's ride. I'll put pen to paper and pour up some content for you to close your eyes to. 


Deliver + dance: i'll share the finished product and schedule an off-boarding call to map out implementation and best practices.

Paperwork: upon accepting, you'll sign a contract and put down a 50% deposit. 

Consulting + strategy

Custom branding consulting is the spark you need to move with intention and clarity, and I want to help you slay it. 

From a custom brand strategy to marketing consulting, I've got just the tools to put you on the game in your industry. You see, making brands stand out in a genuine way (without selling out to keep up with trends that don't align) is kinda my thing. &, the best part is, it can be yours too.

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copywriting + brand messaging

What you say and how you say it matters more than ever, and I'm here to give you and your crew something to belong to. 

Whether you're dying to implement a personality-fueled brand voice across your messaging or you're in need of an expert website copywriter who understands the assignment, I'm here to elevate your words with wisdom. Drop your call-to-actions from the 90s, heal your inner voice and give the people what they want dammit.

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a reminder:

“Grace will take you where hustling can't"

testimonial tea.

love letters from good folks

website copywriting

“Hiring Chelsea was the easiest decision I've ever made, and I would do it 100 times over.

When she returned my final copy, I sat and read it with tears in my eyes and my jaw on the floor. I sent it off to my husband and best friends in total awe of how Chelsea understood me. She was able to say all the things I'd been trying - and failing - to say for so long."

- Brie Thomason

social media strategy

“She helped us reach 25% more people on social in the last two months, & we're only growing.

Chelsea's advice and expertise helped us navigate the world of social media and understand how we fit into it. She has what it takes to elevate your brand while staying relevant. Her love for what she does is obvious. It shows in her work."

- scarlows Art + Coffee

storytelling + copywriting

“When she writes she captures raw emotions, sentiment and the poetic rhythm of the storyline.

Chelsea has the ability to spark just by being her authentic self. Yet, her gift is to tell your story and create a connection with your dream clients - to beautifully paint with words who you are, one paragraph at a time. Work with her."

- Taylor Chamberlain


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Schedule a complimentary, thirty minute discovery call with me, and I promise I'll meet you halfway no matter what you bring to the table. 

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