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In honor of the holidays riding through, I thought that it was high time to share the festive, Wyoming finds that are filling up my shopping cart this year. From freaky good fits and fare to stocking stuffers worth calling shotgun on; our Lady Folk Holiday Gift Guide is bound to serenade your inner shopper!

Each company or brand included was intentionally curated not only because their story and mission aligns with our community values, but because they do business in the wide-open space of Wyoming with a whole lot of heart. Follow them, stalk them, spread their message and send this to a friend. Tis’ the season!

Happy shopping:

T.Hawk Studio Handcrafted Jewelry

What better way to kick off the Lady Folk Holiday Gift Guide than with handcrafted bolos & statement rings from the heart of Wyoming. If this is your first rodeo, allow me to introduce you to Rachel Hawkinson of T.Hawk Studio. Rachel is an award-winning metalsmith who makes one-off art pieces for bad ass women. Located in the historic, Old Yellowstone District of Downtown Casper, her collection comes to life where the simple and sturdy meets the electric unexpected. Her style is inspired by the shape of mother nature, curiosity and what sparkles beyond the mundane.

T.Hawk Studio is not only a muse all her own, but her colorful jewelry pieces have a way of sparking bold conversations and lasting impressions. From the red carpet at College Nationals Final Rodeo to every damn day (my ring collection is my whole personality!), you will always find me gussied up in T.Hawk! Although Rachel’s rings and bolo ties are my roman empire, her collection is completed with: earrings, funky watch bands, the sweetest baby rattles I’ve ever laid eyes on, and more!

Whether you’re shopping for someone special or laying on the holiday hints thickkk, T.Hawk Studio has a one-of-a-kind, thoughtful gift that is sure to wander wherever you and yours wildly go. To receive 10% off your purchase through December 24th, use coupon code “ladyfolk10” online at checkout or stop into the studio at 426 W Yellowstone Hwy in Casper and mention this guide!

Go Fast Don’t Die

Blame it on my childhood spent on the back of my dad’s 1989 Harley Davidson, but nothing pulls on my heart strings like Go Fast Don’t Die. This motorcycle core lifestyle brand, based in the Bighorn Mountains of Northeastern Wyoming, was founded on risk, hustle and the pursuit of destroyed limits:

“It began as a one liner between friends and family on motorcycle runs and trips. Instead of saying “Be safe. Wear your helmet,” like your mom would say… our mom said “Go Fast, Don’t Die.” And so, we did. After the saying caught on, and GFDD tattoos started showing up amongst the crew, we decided we need the mantra on a T-Shirt. Go Fast Don’t Die is for the crowd that pulls a little more from that throttle after the assessment of risk says to back it off. It’s for those who look at the map and see more than where they are but where they could be tomorrow. Go Fast Don’t Die is for those who see the danger, see the risk and see nothing in comparison to the potential of the reward. To those who hold dear that pursuit of the thrill, the best times with friends old and new and the complete lack of a safe alternative… you found the right brand.”

You see, when I moved back to Wyoming, a friend recommended I subscribe to Go Fast Don’t Die’s Sunday newsletter where I fell in love with the brand’s storytelling long before I got down with their contagious collection of headwear, clothing, decals and more. Sure enough, this summer I got to spend some time with the owner, and Go Fast Don’t Die rides for the brand. Come closer and I promise you and yours will be called to new heights full throttle too!

Cross off the risk takers and poetic rebels from your list by using “BRACEURSHELF” to receive 15% off site wide through December 15th.

Pour Ta’s “Best in the West” Pour Over Coffee Box

Pour Ta is fueling festivities in true Lady Folk fashion (pinkies up!) with their “Best in the West” Coffee Box. This spirited little number comes packed with 10 single serve pour overs from 5 Wyoming roasters including: Cowboy Coffee Co., Snake River Roasting Co., Metro Coffee Company, Pine Coffee Supply and Motive Coffee. More than coffee, “Best in the West” serves up cups filled with Butch Cassidy’s rebellious spirit, the resilience of our communities, and the vast beauty of our landscapes. Just perfect for rising merry and bright this season!

Not only is Pour Ta’s packaging pretty enough to hang from the chimney with care; but their single serve pour overs are designed to keep up with the holiday grind. Whether you’re hitting the backcountry or hosting the crew, Pour Ta’s “Best in the West” Coffee Box is bound to take you there.

Better yet, Pour Ta is owned and operated by good friends of mine down in Laramie. So when I say you’re in good hands, take my word for it. Don’t wait on adding to cart and wrapping up this brew-tiful babe!

Alma Home

If Lady Folk were reincarnated into a home essentials boutique (manifestation at its finest!), we would be Alma Home. If you’re not local to Casper but Alma feels like an old friend, that’s probably because you’ve seen me rally around her as a recent brand messaging and website copy client (coming soon – stay tuned)! I can not even begin to describe how much I adore this immersive design house under the western skies of Wyoming. In getting to know the old soul & story of Alma (& the women who dolly up her walls), there is no better place to shop small this holiday season.

Alma opened their doors on the fringes of Downtown Casper this spring, and I have been spending all of my money and extra curricular time there ever since). From unique gifts and everyday luxuries to western wall art, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and cheeky goods; Alma genuinely has something special that embodies every woman with damn good taste on your list. I always joke that when it comes to their rare collection, I get competitive because every single thing is that hard to live without (yes, this is my sport of choice!).

Last week I stopped in to pick up: a handful of sassy ornaments, the loveliest gold jewelry, a “Howdy!” throw blanket and cutie Christmas decor for our new place (again.. CAN’T live without!). &, let’s face it… I’ll be back before we deck the halls! As an ode to being a part of the Lady Folk community, go ahead and stop everything you’re doing and either stalk their Instagram or run down to their boutique at 260 W. 1st. St. right now. Say Howdy. Shop Alma.

Alpyn Beauty Skincare

I’m going to go ahead and speak for all Lady Folk here when I say that there is no stocking stuffer like skincare. & when it comes to a skincare brand that is worthy of Santa’s attention, look no further than Alpyn Beauty. Reigning from the wild frontier of Jackson Hole, Alpyn Beauty sustainably hand-harvests wild plants at their peak potency and punctuates their power with proven clinical actives. This wild-meets-clinical combination amplifies results and solves skin challenges at the deepest level.

Alpyn Beauty has been a part of my daily skincare routine for over a year now, and I don’t plan on going anywhere ANYTIME soon. As a woman with sensitive skin and a history of mysterious allergens, I’ve struggled immensely locking arms with a beauty brand that is just as effective as it is nourishing. However, since implementing Alpyn into my regimen, I’ve noticed clearer, brighter, and more hydrated skin (hello, wild west!) than ever before. On my bathroom counter you’ll find the Melt Moisturizer, Juneberry & Collagen Hydrating Cream Cleanser & Bearberry & Vitamin C Glow Serum. However, they have specialized products for every skin type and concern; from anti-aging and breakouts to dark spots & hyperpigmentation.

This holiday season, Alpyn is offering special bundles and incentives. Shop now and tuck the healing powers of the Tetons under the tree this year!

Ruby Wyld

Long live Ruby Wyld & the rebelliously radiant women she encompasses! This female-owned, online boutique not only curates funky fits for leading ladies, but they set fashion trends like outlaws out West. From cozy threads and seasonal staples to kickass pieces for the littles; Ruby Wyld is your gifting soulmate for those on your list who shine bright.

Know that when you and yours wear Ruby Wyld you’ll not only turn heads, but you’ll feel like a part of something bigger. Because, here in the wide-open spaces of Wyoming where women look after their own, you are.

Don’t miss RW this holiday season – shop now as their new arrivals go fast!

Frank’s Butcher Shop

What kind of cowgirl would I be if I didn’t feature my hometown butcher shop in the holiday gift guide. Folks, pour a bloody mary and welcome to Frank’s! Frank’s Butcher Shop is famous for their hand cuts of Wyoming born, raised and processed beef. To develop flavor, all of the beef is dry aged for a minimum of 14 days before our butchers even carve into it! Whether you’ve been dying to prepare a flat iron steak or you’re like me and stuff stockings with beef jerky every year (Paul Combe approved!), no one does it like this local family of ranching legends.

Thanks to my girlfriend who was visiting from NYC this summer (& quickly realized she needed Wyo beef in the big apple), I know that Frank’s ships! Check out their selection of premium cuts and holiday bundles on their website. & if you ever find yourself in Casper, let’s hit the town – because Frank’s is a hidden gem (& their spicy hamburger mac has officially made my death row meal menu).

Blackwing Pencils

Don’t worry poets, writers and storytellers; we added our favorite Blackwing Pencils to the Lady Folk Holiday Gift Guide just for you. Take everything you’ve ever known or felt about a pencil and multiply it by x563579. Because this is the writing utensil of all writing utensils. Some would even call it pencil porn!

I discovered Blackwing at Goedicke’s Art Supply in Downtown Casper and have held them close ever since. From the elite eraser to the feel of the graphite on paper; they’re making old fashioned writing sexy again (& we’re here for it!). Fu*k the misletoe… if you kissed me under a sharp Blackwing I would love you forever!

Shop local at Goedicke’s or add to cart in Blackwing’s online shop!

Diamond Cross Ranch

There’s no better way to embrace the cowboy spirit this holiday season than with Diamond Cross Ranch. DCR is one of the last historical ranches in Teton County and a 100+ year Jackson legacy. On top of sharing the beauty of the last true frontier and raising and training performance western horses, Diamond Cross Ranch has a killer collection of merch.

Cross off the cowgirls (pew, pew!) and cowboys on your list with the iconic cowboy shirt, high quality, one-of-a-kind graphic tees, “Think Like a Horse” a book by Grant Colliher (the owner of the historic ranch) and more. Giddy up!

Momofuku Chili Crunch

All I want for Christmas is Momofuku Chili Crunch! But, seriously. I know what you’re thinking… chili crunch on a Holiday Gift Guide? Don’t at me. It’s that damn good folks!

This spicy Momofuku mami is perfect for adding a dash of heat and texture to any dish. We’ve been popping her on: pizza, avocado toast, cottage cheese, eggs, and thai noodles. With three types of Mexican chilis, crunchy garlic and shallots, Chili Crunch is the crush worthy combination of spicy and crunchy. A staple in any flavorful kitchen!

The truth is I love shopping for the foodies on my list. Not only because if I’m lucky I get to reap the benefits, but a basket of elevated nosh and speciality foods is so fun to curate with love. Shop dat crunch locally at Grant St. Grocery, your local grocer, or (as a last resort!) add to cart on Momofuku’s website!

Olive & Pearl

Lady Folk has been a longtime stan of Olive & Pearl – a hand-poured candle company based in Cody, Wyoming. Yet, visitng the brick & mortar on our way to Yellowstone this summer was the perfect reminder as to why folks are crazy for their craft. They burn slow, fill every space while igniting the senses and the packaging is an experience all its own.

Olive & Pearl just released their holiday scents: Fraser Fir, Cranberry Chutney and Gingerbread. However, don’t sleep on the classics such as Sea Salt & Tobacco. No matte the scent, these pours make for the perfect gift for any homebody!

Mountain Sports

Calling all snow bunnies, denim dans & little shredders! For the sake of ski season (& a long winter) upon us, Mountain Sports Casper had to take it’s place in the Lady Folk Holiday gift guide. Not only because this Central Wyoming ski and bike shop has fueled the local outdoor industry for fifty years this year, but because they have a gift for everyone that is sure to last. Forever eva.

Whether you’re searching for the coziest baby bundle up one-piece (my bestie’s twin girls have them and they’re almost better than fresh baked Christmas cookies!), your man needs a new winter coat, or a Patagonia travel duffel is a must; let Mountain Sports outfit your next adventure.

Get all of your Patagonia packages and outdoor winter gear at my ride-or-die, local bike and ski shop; Mountain Sports Casper. See you out there, folks!

There you have it, folks! The most electric gifts in the west at your festive fingertips. We hope that our holiday gift guide inspires you to not only shop small and support local, but to make uninterrupted memories with the ones you love. Because the truth is there is no greater gift than time.

Keep tradition alive, make out below the Christmas tree, write an old friend a love letter, take the long light drive home, volunteer in your community, forgive, eat an extra cookie, print the photos, slow down beneath the pines, and say it like you mean it.

Finally, save yo Christmas cash… because LADY FOLK IS DROPPING OUR FIRST EVER MERCH COLLECTION in January 2024. & it’s bound to be a rowdy good time!

xx Lady Folk


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