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Master cleanse +1 marfa DIY, echo park butcher tattooed fanny pack gentrify authentic synth. Four dollar toast intelligentsia stumptown tumeric.

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howdy folks,

i'm Chelsea Combe

a bolo barbie with the mouth
of an outlaw who fled the city to come back home & write in WYOMING. & I've found that breaking rules in wide-open spaces (with the right outfit) is a love language.

I'm a community composing, black cat raising, sauvignon blanc sipping, stars in her eyes kinda artist who had made a career out of romantically reflecting electric folks back to themselves through the written word. & I am a true representation of what can artfully conspire when all of our wandering pieces are given purpose.

reminder: we still hang pencil thieves out west

warning; we still hang pencil thieves out west 

i'm chelsea combe


How to Write a Viral Blog Post


Raw denim live-edge vegan chia. Brooklyn mixtape cloud bread, subway tile chia shoreditch venmo chartreuse cronut ramps pinterest mustache.

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