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Calling Shotgun On a Miracle

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Howdy folks,

You know, I’ve witnessed a miracle or two.

I’ve watched the wilderness catch stars for safe keeping, felt fingertips serenade softness beneath the skin barrier, and embodied embers as they’re burning. 

I’ve experienced angels take shape in human form, life leave the body, and feet stand on solid ground against an endlessly spinning world. 

The truth is I don’t need anything but my mind and a blank page to bring a voice to the speechless. 

You can bet I will worship through words until I the day that I die. 

I know that I am among one of the chosen ones who has kissed above skylines, ran out to surrender by sea and unearthed beauty from what still remains.

My father has shown me that an open road is freedom, but forgiveness can be too. 

& oh how my love runs deep.

Brave and boundless like it’s the only damn thing that matters. Even though it’s fleeting and the farthest thing from forever.

I’ve learned that expression is one of the only acts that is ever fully ours. Like our: memories, beliefs, bodies, the dreams we dream, and the art we create in-between. 

In fact, as a woman, I come alive at the crossroads of romance and rebellion where purpose always keeps the light on. 

I am messy and unmanageable to my core. However, I find poetry in anything true.

Most of the time in you. 

& I think that they got it all wrong when they said, “What is meant for you, will be.” 

Because it seems to be right here. 

Miraculously right in front of us. 

So please don’t go closin’ your eyes just yet.

xx lady folk


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