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For those of you who haven't connected with this creative outlaw, Amy handcrafts brands & websites for the wildly ambitious. She is not only a dear friend of mine who reigns from the high country, but she is my partner in web design crime. 

This spring Amy came to me looking for a community-driven copywriter to transcend her brand messaging from The Untamed Creative to Unbridled Form.

She was ready to shed old skin & take revolutionary shape on her own damn terms, but needed a story and launch copy to unearth the magic in the adventure (& bring her audience along for the ride). 

here's how we told it:

Where do we end up when we truly go untamed?
The thought has always inspired me. Like there's this ever-curious presence inside urging me to unearth the spirit of the West. To become it in my entirety and share its unshakeable soul with creative pioneers through art.

& as you can guess it didn't take me long to get my hands dirty

When I started The Untamed Creative, I fell in love with creating handcrafted brands and websites to the wildly ambitious. Not only to step into my highest creative function, but to make deeply transformative designs that took others to the wildest parts of themselves.
Since its beginning, Untamed: found a voice, established a community, adopted an original approach, raised a little hell and handcrafted nearly 100 unruly yet refined brand experiences for entrepreneurs and creative outlaws.
Yet, despite the undeniable magic and sincere connection stirred up, I couldn't help but feel as though something was missing.

Like galloping into endless fields of sagebrush lost its luster. Which was surely out of character for this Wyoming woman; always caught somewhere in-between artistic reverie or windswept on horseback!

Blame it on my stubborn resilience, but I took the inner knowing as less of a loss and more as an invitation.
An opportunity to walk the line right this time.
Devoted to shedding old skin, I set out to find my bones once again. You know, a place where I could go untamed. But more than that, somewhere I could take revolutionary shape in the West on my own damn terms.
All of which led me to my new homestead along the range.


Allow me to introduce you to Unbridled Form.

My truest north where I continue to handcraft brands and websites for the wildly ambitious, just under a name and a way of being that feels true to my core.
As we move out on this new adventure together, I hope you know that this is, and will always be, an unfiltered sanctuary for you to take form too; no matter what that evolutionary process may look like.
Because if I've learned anything through this rebranding experience of mine, it's that it takes grit and perseverance to move into uncharted territory, but the radical belonging is always worth the intentional risks.
I am so hyped to have you here. Let's ride!

thank you, thank you for telling my story so wildly

from our first conversation i felt so understood & like i met my ride-or-die

- Amy McGann | unbridled form

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For those of you who have not had a chance to connect with Amy yet, she handcrafts brands & websites for the wildly ambitious. She unearths brand's fullest expression through deeply soulful designs and guides creative pioneers as they take revolutionary shape on their own damn terms. 

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