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Megan & I crashed into one another years ago in the wedding industry in Denver. Whether it was fate or our mutual love of small towns and spicy cocktails, we became instant soulmates. Fast forward five years and immense growth for the both of us and we got down with the website get down.

When Megan came to me to elevate her website copy, she hoped to break from the sea of destination wedding photographers by not only embracing her depth and genuine, candid style but by connecting with down-to-earth lovers through a personal and spirited tone-of-voice. Catch her wave.

a love letter from meg

Your wedding day goes by fast. I know everyone says this, but it’s true. It’s the one time in your lives when both of your worlds and your favorite people will collide. It’s a bash that is just as thrilling as it is humbling and emotional! But the best part is it’s your chapter of your own love story. It’s yours to write.

My images are meant to remind you that you can have your cake and eat it too, babe. You can have a ceremony at the airbnb and still skinny dip at midnight. You can say “I do!” on top of mountain and slam street tacos with your person after. You can run away with me now and figure out the rest at home later. 

No matter what the high is for you, we will chase it down together. Because in this life, on your wedding day and after, you deserve to look back and say you did it your way. 

the girl who just got married

stay spicy,

- Meg

words are incredibly powerful &

you spoke the language of my soul
with such ease

- megan blowey

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