Building brands
with backbones. 

Your brand should be your backbone, your flame and the truest north you'll ever know. It's where you'll run wild and return home all at once. Again and again. Your brand story is yours to hold onto, but in the end it's not about you. A brand worth belonging to would break the rules and risk it all just to reflect good folks back to themselves. Not only to grow their bank account, but to shed light on a community that is dying to burn and bloom. & that's where I come in. 

Building brands with backbones. 

Marketing +
Brand strategy

A ride-or-die, custom collab that will give you clarity in your direction all while you're recognized like never before. 


You're ready to become a whole new woman
+ vibrate at a higher level. 

Whether you’re launching an exciting new venture, feel as though you’ve outgrown your successful brand image and need to restrategize or simply need a business bestie to help you navigate through with direction, I’m here to show up on your brand’s behalf. From market research, positioning and in-depth analysis to overall strategies to make your brand sing, I’ve got you sister!

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copy party 

Ready for a cult following but need a girl gang to back you up? Now we’re talking. In our 90 minute Copy Party intensive we will dive deep into your audience and brand goals/ challenges, offer up expert advice and send you along with an actionable plan for moving forward. From social strategy and business therapy to perfecting DIY captions and more - we’re here to meet you halfway no matter your next adventure. This service is perfect for folks who are looking for clarity in their direction now or want to cozy up with Lady Folk without all the dollar signs.  

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Whether you're ready to bundle, dreaming up an original idea or want to nerd out over a custom collaboration, I'm your girl. Shoot!

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