Call it ludacris...
but I'm here to turn your words into money makers. 

From playing cupid with Google to establishing a trusting relationship with your favorite folks through brand messaging, I've got the secret sauce to get your audience to book and buy. 

Call it ludacris... but I'm here
to turn your words into money makers. 

1. tone of voice +
brand messaging

A guide for those who are ready to uncover their brand voice, stand out from a crowd + say it like they mean it.


You're here to speak your truth across all of your marketing channels for the long haul.

From reveling in your story to gain a cult following to crafting personality-driven brand messaging that feels true to you, this package is designed to send you on your way with all of the strategic tools and ready-to-use content you could ever need to convert and keep your dream clients. P.S. did we mention a months worth of custom content is included?

starting at $1,695

with the brand messaging guide

YOU'll get:

+ brand bones (mission, vision, values, etc.)

+ target audience + competitor analysis

+ 1 mo. of custom content with strategy

+ brand story bank + tone of voice extraction

and a new adventure you believe in.

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2. website

Say sayonara to high bounce rates, wasted time and floods of people that are just not your people. 


You broke up with your DIY copy, have no time for words + want to cozy on up with Google. 

Consider this your sign to invest in words worthy of taking up space. Let’s put you on content that feels like chasing down golden hour all while setting up your website to do the dirty work with data-backed, lead generating website copy. That way you can scale your business with confidence and focus on doing more of what makes your heart flutter. 

starting at $1,950

I can say with confidence that my website copy now reflects

the level of professionalism that
I want my brand to portray to my clients.

- brie,

3. website copy +
brand messaging

Where brand builders go all in on investing in high converting words that spark momentum and attract quality leads. 

Allow us to introduce you to our tried and true somethin' somethin' that never fails to have an impact. From tone of voice and brand story development to website copy sure to turn heads, this Lady Folk bundle is full of custom content, kick-ass strategy and timeless recommendations to bring your great white buffaloes to meaningful action .


You're not kidding around about showing up as your best self and elevating your content. 

starting at $3,645

THE essentials

Email Campaigns

When you have 1000x things to do yesterday, it’s far too easy to push aside your creative email sequences for another day. Don't worry I understood the assignment. 


You know how important it is to establish consistent communication, provide endless value to your sales funnel and build up your bottom line. But you have other things to focus on.


From tailored content to a collection of engaging words designed to not only qualify your leads and build a community, but drive action to your website - we will take over from here. 

starting at $600

starting at $600

starting at $675



Not only will we revel in the written word to provide you with marketing copy that lands with your ideal client, but we will do it in a way that is genuine, compelling and relationship focused. Because, all savvy sales stans know that finesse, purpose and science-backed, launch copy matters in a saturated market where people are choosing with intention. 

starting at $1,500

starting at $375/mo.

convert with social class


So you’ve got a noteworthy social media aesthetic, but you need engaging captions and a refined strategy to pair with the pretty? Say no more. We’re suckers for writing social media captions that matter. & yes your call to actions can be both fetch and effective. So long Uncle Larry’s car sales pitch from the 90s!      


Copy party 

Ain't no party like a copy party. But truly who ever said copywriting wasn't worthy or fun enough to let your hair down has clearly never been on a Zoom call (or a dance floor) with me. At our Copy Party we will come together on Zoom for a 90 minute, one-on-one intensive where we will get down with whatever is in front of you. Whether you're writing your own website copy and need an editor or you're begging for a bestie to pull you out of writer's block, I've got you. Book one party or ask me about a bundle rate. 

got somethin' else stirring?

Let's talk it out.

Whether you're ready to bundle, dreaming up an original idea or want to nerd out over a custom collaboration, I'm your girl. Shoot!

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